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30 Perfect Quotes to Remind You Exactly Why You Fell In Love

  1. “Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.” — Crystal Woods

2.“Love is simple. You fall and that’s it. You’ll work the other stuff out. You just gotta let yourself fall and have faith that someone will be there to catch you.” — Chelsea M Cameron

3.“When you fall in love with someone you give them your heart. When you find out they love you too, you get it back, times two.” — Unknown

4.“In life you have to take the pace that love goes. You don’t force it. You just don’t force love, you don’t force falling in love – you just become. I don’t know how to say that in English, but you just feel it.” — Juan Pablo Galavis

5.“I think that one of the things that you do learn is that falling in love and being in love with someone is a rarity. That you don’t fall in love as many times as you think you’re going to. And when you do, it’s really special, it’s really important.” — Julianne Moore

6.“She wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.” — Nicholas Sparks

7.“First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. Least best is falling out of love . But any of it is better than never having been in love.” — Maya Angelou

8.“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” — Oscar Wilde >

9.“We do not fall in love with the package of the person, we fall in love with the inside of a person.” — Unknown

10.“I’m a human being and I fall in love and sometimes I don’t have control of every situation.” — Beyonce

11.“Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not someone who plays with it.” — Anonymous

12.“We never get enough of falling in love and believing in love.” — Shemar Moore
13.“You know you’re falling in love when the feeling of falling actually feels like you’re floating.” — Rashida Rowe

14.“Maybe it’s just hiding somewhere. Or gone on a trip to come home. But falling in love is always a pretty crazy thing. It might appear out of the blue and just grab you. Who knows, maybe even tomorrow.” — Harukin Murakami

15.‘When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.” — Arrigo Boito
16.“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love .” — Albert Einstein

17.“I am naïve when it comes to love, you know what I mean? I do believe in falling in love at first sight and things like that.” — Sonam Kapoor

18.“The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away.” — Nicholas Sparks

19.“Falling in love with you was never my intention but it became my addiction.” — Abhishek Tiwari

20.“Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall.” — Anonymous

21.“Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what’s happening. It’s inevitable. An event you can’t control. A crazy, heart-stopping roller coaster ride that just has to take it’s course.” — Jackie Collins

22.“I have completely fallen for you. Everything you do, everything you say, everything you are. You’re my first thought in the morning, you’re my last thought before I fall asleep and you’re almost every thought in between.” — Unknown

23.“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” — Hermann Hesse
24.“No one ever fell in love gracefully.” — Connie Broadway

25.“They told me that to make her fall in love I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love.” — Unknown

26.“This thing about you that you think is your flaw – it’s the reason I’m falling in love with you.” — Colleen Hoover

27.“Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

28.“I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams.” — Dr Seuss

29.“Falling in love is like getting hit by a truck and yet not being mortally wounded. Just sick to your stomach, high one minute, low the next. Starving hungry but unable to eat. Hot, cold, forever horny, full of hope and enthusiasm with momentary depression that wipes you out.” — Jackie Collins

30.“A relationship is a relationship that has to be earned. And I love relationships. I think there fantastic, there wonderful. I think there great, I think there is nothing in the world more beautiful than falling in love. But falling in love for the right reasons, falling in love for the right purpose, falling in love.”

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