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Being Cured or Managed? A Look at Herbal and Chemical Medicine(Orthodox Medicine)

Ceteris paribus(all things being equal), mankind is susceptible to sickness. But when this unfortunate thing happens, do you get cured or managed?

Whilst some receive cure, others get placed on medication for life or long time with the associated costs. This totally depends on the method one resort to.

Medicine was purported to heal one from diseases and sicknesses and/or provide strength. However, this is largely explained by the method or type of medicine administered.

There is the belief that herbs cure, whilst most conventional medicines treat.

Being cured? I suggest it is everyone’s dream and manage might be others dream too. Each opinion may determine which your health.

Jenny (2020) distinguishing between cure and treatment stated that, treatment involves the management of the symptoms of an illness/sickness, whilst cure resolves an illness. That is, treatment improves the life of a patience, but cure eliminates the sickness from the system.

But, why do some health experts treat, and not cure? Does the sickness in question have no cure, or they have their own obscure reasons?


A Look at the Orthodox Medicine (Chemical Medicine)

Orthodox Medicine

Orthodox medicine is system of medicine that treats diseases and their respective symptoms with the employment of pharmaceutical drugs, and/or clinical surgeries (operations).

They are chemical-based medicines. These medicines should have eliminated sickness, however, some come with adverse effects or even worsen a condition.

Using painkillers as example, the following point is made.

Painkilling drugs are examples of the lowest on ladder drugs in this description.

Painkillers do not get rid of the pains, but prevents you from feeling the pain by blocking the pain receptors in the brain.

After a while, the pain reemerges which might lure the patient into taking more of the drug, resulting in addiction. Once you become addicted, the company gains.

Regis College provides  some effects of painkillers.

The figure below presents a portion of it.

Regis College (2017) provides 5 long-term effects of painkillers on the brain.

These are depression, disruption in neurotransmitters, impaired cognition, physical dependency, and addiction.

Trending nowadays, are sex enhancement drugs.

The youths, as well as elderly have been pulled to these medications, and they in the end encounter harmful side-effects such as impotency, or worsened problem

Many other pharmaceutical drugs produce even more intense adverse effects which are life-threatening.

Moreover, there are several instances where some diseases or sicknesses have been declared incurable, but manageable.

HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Cancer and others have been deemed incurable.

The question many ask is, “are these diseases really incurable, and what makes them so?”

Taking a look at the pharmaceutical drugs again, what is the purpose?

The pharmaceutical companies who produce these drugs are in for business, and are thus profit oriented.

To them, a patient cured means a patient lost, and a cedi (or dollar) lost. So, why must they break a stream of income by curing you, when they can make you addicted to their products to increase their profits? No one goes into business to lose!

Many herbal medicines have been illegalized with claims of death and mental problems from over usage or abuse.

However, these pharmaceutical drugs with life-threatening effects from normal usage are still on the shelves.

Nevertheless, many have and still advocate for the use of herbs in dealing with sicknesses.

A Look at the Herbal Medicines


Herbal medicine is the use of plant products to heal ailment or sicknesses.

Merriam-Webster defines herbal medicine as the “the art or practice of using herbs and herbal preparations to maintain health and to prevent, alleviate, or cure disease”.

The use of herbs started with the existence of man on earth.

Stated by Alan (2014), herbs have been used as long as man has been on earth, and it involves shrubs, plants and trees.

Herbal medicine ranges from ginger to mahogany, and have the potency to cure almost all sicknesses or diseases, from headache to cancer.

The best healing one can get is from the use of herbs.

Herbal medicine can be in the form of tea, poultice, extracts, concoction, food, ointment, soap, steam, and so on.

Pharmacists have pronounced cancer as only manageable, but not curable.

However, there have been reported cases of cured cancer of many forms with herbs (plants and plant food).

Plants contain cancer healing agents which are potent in the destruction of cancer cells.

But why did the pharmaceutical industries declare it incurable? Because of profit.

They are much concerned about what they will gain than your health.

Herbal medicine treats and cures. It tackles diseases from the root, and get rid of it, unlike some of the pharmaceutical drugs which only manages.

Most of these herbal medicines are easy to prepare, and can even be made at home (home remedy).

Those which are difficult to prepare in terms of access to materials, are prepared by experts, and readily available.

Herbal medicines are cost effective (some are even free) as compared to some pharmaceutical drugs.

Everything that is ingested has side effects, and so is herbal medicine.

Some have no side effect, but the ones which do, have little or benign effects, and depend on dosage and the patient’s system.

Some side effects also result from interaction with some pharmaceutical drugs. All these can be avoided when the right dose and precaution is taken.

Aside these, herbal medicines have been reported to be entirely safe, if properly prepared and used.


It can therefore be said that, to receive a total cure, one must endeavor to resort to herbal medicine.

This will ensure safety, and cost effectiveness.


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