Friday , May 14 2021

Every Guy Will Love to Hear This

True love is a free gift from God but difficult for some to experience.
Some had it but failed to manage it.

Science now shows that, true love is not only possible, but can actually last a lifetime.
According to experts, friendship that last for 7 years is likely to last a lifetime.
The question is, how do you assess that? or do you add sauce to some of the romantic words you say?
According to experts any woman who consistently speak romantic words to his man is likely to have a lasting relationship.

Linda D. Trenholm said she won the heart of her partner with;

The time will never be perfect,
The place will never be perfect,
But love is always perfect,Now
I want to love you
At your worst…

You just showed me the side of You that are trying to hide, it is relevant to me because they are part of you.
I want to love the most, I don’t want perfection, I want you Perfectly imperfect, You are nothing else that needs to be perfect But love.

Another student from John Hopkins Medical school also narrated the romantic words that melt her husband’s heart when they first met.
She narrated;

The love I have for you is like a copied assignment, I can’t explain it myself

She hit the nail on the point that, the more we try to explain the reasons why we fall in love with someone attach conditions to our love and as such we should all explain our love as a “copied assignment”.

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