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Osu castle in Ghana

Top 5 Tourist Centers in Ghana that you need to visit

Tourism has become one of the assets in generating revenue to Ghana’s national income.

Below are the top 5 tourist centers in Ghana that gets the most visit.

5.Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Crocodile Pond

Paga Crocodile Pond is a sacred pond in Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana, which is inhabited by West African crocodiles.

Due to the friendliness of the reptiles, it has become popular among tourists and the pond is now reliant on tourism to ensure the population of crocodiles remain fed and healthy.

It is also known as Chiefs pond.

The pond is located in Paga in the Upper East Region of Ghana, and is 44 kilometers (27 mi) outside Bolgatanga, the regional capital.

4. Osu Castle

Osu castle in Ghana

Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christiansborg or simply the Castle, is a castle located in Osu, Accra, Ghana on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. The first substantial fort was built by Denmark-Norway in the 1660s, though the castle has changed hands between Denmark-Norway, Portugal, the Akwamu, Britain, and finally post-Independence Ghana, and was rebuilt numerous times. For most of the castle’s history, it has been the seat of government in Ghana with some interruptions, the latest when the John Kuffuor administration moved the seat of government to Golden Jubilee House after 6 January 2009, which was quickly reversed by the incoming John Atta Mills administration. It also serves as the place where the late president of Ghana John Atta Mills is buried; in a bird sanctuary, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Afadja Mountain

Afadjato ranges

Mount Afadja, known in the Ewe language as Afadjato, is the highest mountain in Ghana. The summit of this peak is located near the border with Togo, in the Volta Region of Ghana, close to the village of Liati Wote in Afadzato South District. It is about 178 kilometers (111 mi) northeast of Accra, and 178 kilometers (111 mi) northwest of Lomé. Part of the Agumatsa sub-range of the West Africa Mountains, its summit is 885 metres (2,904 ft) above sea level. The summit of Mount Aduadu (746 metres (2,448 ft)) lies 3.5 kilometers (2 mi) to the east of Mount Afadja.

“Afadja” is the name of the mountain whereas the suffix “-to” in the Ewe language means mountain therefore, it is called “Afadja-to” by the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo. The correct name would be “Mount Afadja”, as “Mount Afadjato” would be a repetition of the word “mountain”. Mount Afadja is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Volta Region of Ghana, welcoming thousands of visitors from around the globe annually.

2.Kakum National Park

Canopy walk way

Kakum National Park, located in the coastal environs of the Central Region of Ghana, covers an area of 375 square kilometers (145 sq mi).

Established in 1931 as a reserve, it was gazetted as a national park only in 1992 after an initial survey of avifauna was conducted.

The area is covered with tropical forest.

The uniqueness of this park lies in the fact that it was established at the initiative of the local people and not by the State Department of wildlife who are responsible for wildlife preservation in Ghana.

It is one of only 3 locations in Africa with a canopy walkway, which is 350 meters (1,150 ft) long and connects seven tree tops which provides access to the forest.

1.Wli Waterfalls

Wli Falls


Wli Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Ghana and the tallest in West Africa. It has a lower and an upper fall.

Wli Waterfalls is located 20 km from Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana.

A walk through the forest of the Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary offers a chance to see a large colony of fruit bats, butterflies, birds, monkeys and baboons.

A large colony of bats can be seen clinging to the cliffs and flying in the sky.

The Wli waterfalls is the highest water fall in West Africa.

The falls is known locally as Agoomatsa waterfalls – meaning, “Allow Me to Flow.

It is located in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta Region, the land of the Ewe culture.

It is approximately 280 kilometers from the capital Accra.

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